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"Here`s what happens when Catfish Killer goes jug fishing!!"

"Catfish up to 40 pounds!!"

"Only $6.50 Each"

These flagging jugs are 20 inches long and are made of 1/2 inch pvc pipe and a 9 inch piece of white compressed floating foam which is 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The ends are capped off with a sliding weight inside the pvc pipe. Our "white" jugs are legal in the State of Texas and are NOT wrapped with tape like a lot of imitation jugs you will find in other places. We also have colored jugs available to fit the laws of your State. Jug catfishing is lots of fun!

Put up to 5 hooks on each line legally in The State of Texas!

These are a real HOOT!!

The first week in February, Catfish Killer caught a 21 pound and a 26 pound
catfish on his juglines. For a photo of these, click HERE

For a photo of a jug, with a fish on, click HERE

For a photo of a jug, waiting for a fish to get on, click HERE

Put your own preferred kind of line, hooks, bait and sinker,
on these flagging jugs with sliding weights
and be alerted immediately when a fish takes your bait!
The jug will stand straight up in the water!!

To order Texas legal white flagging catfishing jugs contact Catfish Killer
by phone at: 936-788- 4413 or Email him at: click here)

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