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catfishing Tips

The best and most effective way to use "Catfishkiller Cheese Bait" or any bait for that matter
is to chum up the catfish where you are going to be catfishing. That means to spread out a
1# coffee can or something of that nature full of sour grain such as wheat, chicken scratch or milo.
Also, range cubes work pretty well and can be purchased at your local feed store. The higher the
protein content in the range cubes, the more they will tend to sink rather than float. Once you have
chummed up the spot where you are going to fish it`s time to rig your line.Tie a # 8 or #6 or#4
"Eagle Claw lazer sharp treble hook" on the bottom of your line. Then place a split shot
sinker about 5 to 6 inches above the hook. Now you are ready to take a stick (I use a paint stirrer)
and push the hook down into "Catfish Killer Cheese Bait". Now, lower your hook
and sinker down to the bottom of the water into your chum. Then when you feel your sinker on the bottom,
lower your rod tip down to the surface of the water so that the slack is out of your line at that point.
Then pull your rod tip up about seven or eight inches above the water surface and hold it s-t-e-a-d-y
right there. You need to learn to do this pretty quickly because sometimes a catfish will grab the bait
as soon as it hits bottom.
You should be catching catfish within no more than 30 minutes. If you are not catching catfish within this
length of time, you need to move to another spot because there are no catfish where you just chummed up
and many times you don't have to move over 15 or 20 feet away.
I would say good luck, but, in truth, luck has nothing to do with catching catfish.
You have to find out where they are and give them what they want.

To thicken cheese bait :
Add cat tails, lint out of your clothes dryer or shredded up toilet paper.
To thin cheese bait :
Add a little Canolla oil

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