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My name is Darrell Taylor. I am a licensed, full-time, professional Catfishing guide on Lake Conroe, Texas. My dad started making this catfish bait when I was only 15 years old and I am now 62 years old. The only people who had access to it was our friends and people who fished with us. I remember everyone telling my Dad that he should put it on the market because it caught so many catfish. He had no desire to do so. Well, Dad's no longer with us. He went to the happy catfishing grounds in 1995. Since then, everyone kept telling me that I should put it on the market so here it is! The cheese and secret ingredients in this bait are very unique and catfish just can't leave it alone. Happy catfishing and killum dead.

"Catfish Killer Cheese Bait is absolutely the very best catfish bait on the market anywhere in the world today. I normally catch my limit (25 in Texas) in just a little over two hours."

Catfish Killer Cheese Baits are made by hand at Catfish Killer`s home out in the country.

NEW!! Catfish Killer Flagging Jugs that alert you when you have a fish!

"Only $8.50 each!"

A very exciting way to fish more hooks while you fish with your rod and reel!
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NEW!!! Texas Catfish Bait Soap made with lye soap and cheese! Catfish Love it!

Stays on the hook and great for trotlines and juglines!!
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