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These were caught,out of Lake Conroe,Texas, around the middle of November by Darrell and a well-satisfied client.

I luv catfishkiller cheese bait
Jim from Oklahoma and Son-in-Law Leonard
from Willis, TX. with 45 catfish.
(Click Here)
Friends from Wisconsin
75 Catfish on Catfish Killer Cheese Bait.(Click Here)
Donald with two daughters and a friend
62 catfish.(Click Here)
75 Blues and Channels. Troy, Mark and Tom (Click Here)
Return trip! 75 catfish with tha Killer.
Billie and Richard (Click Here)
Jeremy from Houston and Less from Canada
75 blues and channels with Catfish Killer
(Click Here)
David and Bobbie from Warren, Tx.
Caught 60 catfish.(Click Here)
75 catfish with Catfish Killer
(Click Here)
This is Thumper1 of on a trip
with Catfishkiller. Caught 63 catfish.
(Click Here)
Billie and Richard from Rockport, Tx.
with 71 catfish (Click Here)
Another limit of 50 catfish
Sherry and Richard Laraway from San Antonio, TX.
(Click Here)
Buddy and Ron from Pasadena, Tx.
on a trip with the Catfishkiller 50 catfish.(Click Here)
Skydivers "Super Dave Johnson"
and beautiful skydiver wife Holley
on a trip with Catfish Killer on .
Caught 47 catfish.(Click Here)
Five Aggies with one Longhorn mixed in.
93 catfish (Click Here)
81 year old Preacher E.C.Jones from Beaumont, Texas
with 75 catfish by noon .(Click Here)
Trip with employees from United Tool and
Fastener in Houston, Tx.,51 catfish (Click Here)
Brian and Larry with 89 catfish.
(Click Here)
Bob Williams of Walden on Lake Conroe.
87 catfish (Click Here)
Half day trip. 52 blues and channels.
Dale and Lisa Craven from Southwestern China.
(Click Here)
Movie Actor Bob Lien ( Close friend of The Late
John Wayne and Lee Marvin) and wife Betty
with 45 catfish caught on
Catfish Killer Cheese Bait. (Click Here)
81 catfish caught on a Catfish Killer guide trip.
Paid for by Awesome AquaToys, Lake Conroe, Texas (Click Here)
Two hour trip with Catfish Killer
Caught 51 catfish (Click Here)
85 catfish on a trip with Catfish Killer
(Click Here)
Charlotte and Norman Warwick of Spring , Texas
....64 Catfish (Click Here)
97 Catfish on Fathers Day guide trip with
Catfishkiller. (Click Here)
Father`s Day catfishing trip for
Family Dr. Jerry Oakman of Spring ,Texas.
Caught 86 catfish with Son Chris
and Wife Darla
(Click Here)
Patsy and Bubba of Liberty, Texas .
Caught 65 catfish with Catfishkiller Cheese Bait.
(Click Here)
Half day trip with 42 catfish.
Caught with Catfishkiller
on his Catfish Killer Cheese Bait (Click Here)
Texas catfishing Foundation owner Ferris Bavousett
of Argyle, Texas with 75 catfish caught on Catfish
Killer Cheese Bait in three hours.
(Click Here)
College Professor and Dad. Fathers Day gift catfishing trip.
42 Catfish and two stripers. (Click Here)
51 catfish by Kentucky Kin (Click Here)
Four great guys
44 catfish on a half day trip (Click Here)
Lawyer`s birthday catfishing trip from Dad (Click Here)
75 catfish caught on
Doug Olesen of Pasadena, Texas(Click Here)
Dad and Son catfishing trip
67 catfish(Click here)
Crista and Mike Elliott
100 catfish(Click here)
Aggies strike again
150 catfish(Click here)
Lawyer Mike and Dad Jim (Click here)
Holy half day of Catfishing . (Click here)
George Harrison and two sons (Click here)
Catfishkiller having fun (Click here)
Father and Son catfishing trip (Click here)
Jim and Jennifer Flowers
of Bayville New Jersey, (Click here)
Results from trip(Click here)
Here is a picture of eating size fish(Click here)
The Three Stooges in action (Click here)
One Happy Lady! (Click here)
Mr.Peach (Click here)
Here's Johnny! (Click here)
Aggies Luv cheese bait, too!(Click here)


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