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and the catfishing forum at

Lake Houston`s gateway to a full line of live bait, tackle and all your catfishing needs.
Proud seller and supporter of Catfish Killer Cheese Bait.

Alaska Fisherman's Choice Charters - The same Trophy Salmon and Trout catfishing Charter in Alaska 
that has been featured on ESPN2.  Fisherman's Choice Charters was also just voted Alaska's #1 
People's Choice Award for the 4th year for Trophy Alaska Salmon catfishing and Trophy Alaska Trout catfishing.

Gift for Him - Welcome to
Your home for gifts for him like Swiss Army knives and Lord of the Rings Collectibles!

The Outdoor Stores
- Offers hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor gear & gifts!
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Better Catch - Online Fishing Directory For Fishing Fanatics Around The World.
Helping You Get A Better Catch When You're Out Fishing. Click Here Now.

Seattle Fishing CharterSeattle Fishing Charter - A fishing guide's fishing guide.
No one knows Seattle fishing better. Captain Gary Krein's hybrid approach to tracking
and finding game fish allows him to know exactly where to go on any given day.

Be it Trophy Walleye, Catfish, Bass, Carp, Trout or Northern Pike the Greenback Hunter
and his team of Award Winning Fishing guides will make sure that your Manitoba Canada angling
experience will be a memorable and rewarding one.

Professional Catfishing Association - Online magazine of the PCA.
Monster cat photos and exciting articles as well as tips on bait, rigs, and techniques
to help you catch the huge cats you are looking for!

This site contains material that may be offensive to some persons such as
heads of PETA, Vegans, and bleedin' hearts in general.
Proceed with caution
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